ISPT – Building Owner/Investment Portfolio Manager.

Intact Projects were engaged as a Head Contractor to deliver ISPT’s End of Trip Facility at 477 Pitt Street, Sydney.  Intact worked closely with Shead Management, John Wardle Architects. Arup Consulting and Building Management (CBRE) to transform the old AGL Heritage Gasometer into what is now one of the largest End of Trip Facilities in Sydney.

The project encompassed a number of challenges in that the old gasometer suspended floor has to be demolished to open up the area for the installation of the hydraulic waste water services. During this process we uncovered hazardous materials in the form of fly ash “hydrocarbons” which had to be removed from the site, the site remediated and then sealed off. Two new suspended slabs had to be reconstructed one below and one above the end of trip facility and a new suspended access ramp, staircases and the like. The largest challenge though was the lift shaft construction as this entailed constructing a suspended base followed by demolition through a slab fold and large transfer slab beams, that proved to be structurally challenging.

The 1000mm thick gasometer walls are heritage listed and provide a rustic feature for the bicycle parking area. The glazed lift shaft is also a stand out feature.