TAFE NSW Granville is committed to educating and empowering students to meet the needs and
expectations of our ever-changing community.

Intact Projects were engaged as Head Contractor to complete TAFE NSW facility at Granville TAFE.  Intact Projects worked closely with TAFE Facilities, SJA Project Management, NBRS Architecture and Jones Nicholson Service Consultants. 

Granville TAFE now has a new state of the art Electrical Trade facility which provides young adults the opportunity to compete against other countries and their facilities to be seen as leaders in education.  A modern design workshop with new work benches fitted with electrical services. 

The project team faced numerous challenges in delivering this project for TAFE NSW which included the following:

• Working within a ‘Live’ operating environment. Student classes continued seamlessly in Block G during the construction period, where shared corridors and the co-ordination of noisy works were managed diligently by the site team.

• A comprehensive due diligence period at the commencement of the project revealed a lack of records of the existing building.  Intact Projects worked with the TAFE consultants to meet the requirements of the new design.

• The campus offered limited options for the staging of essential crane lifts. The solution was found in collaborating with TAFE to re-sequence the works to facilitate the lifting of materials over Block G during term holidays.